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6:17 6:17

Muse Blues.

sitting here by the freeway in an old brown pair of shoes
five dollars in my jeans is all I got nothing to lose
I see you driving by and you slow down to a cruise
thats when I know I found my muse

I been around the block awhile and taken my abuse
several dangerous situations that I could not diffuse
you might be someone elses girl I just dont know whose
but I think you could be my muse

you could be so bad for me but I dont want to accuse
I could be your downfall i've got no excuse
this sounds like a line I know I swear its not a ruse
I believe you could be my muse

you can have my worldly goods, I'll renounce my political views
you wont make me do this its my right to choose
drop all my bad habits, smoking, cigarettes and booze
just dont take away my muse

turn off the evening news
sell the fish and the kangaroos
sail away on a weekend cruise
just dont take away my muse

paint the hallway a bright chartreuse
light both ends of my fuse
drop it all in a blackened ooze
just dont take away my muse

I dont mean it to amuse
not trying to confuse
hit me where it wont bruise
just dont take away my muse

swap the rock n roll for blues
I'll pony up and pay my dues
maybe this is over use
just dont take away my muse

6:17 .

Walking down a twilight street, another working day
Close the kitchen door as the sunlight fades away
Washing hands and face, then sitting in my chair
Thinking of your eyes and the color of your hair
Picking up the phone I wonder what it all could mean
Time for me to call Ė 6:17

Everyday adventure ends with the sound of your voice
Of all the possibilities Iím so glad you made this choice
The beauty of this time will stand forever in my mind
Of everything before or since this was magical to find
Taken to another world that I had never seen
This time is just for us Ė 6:17

Beneath the daily conversation still waters flowing deep
The promises and dreams are not always ours to keep
If this cup might pass us by and never should we drink
All the tangled paths may lead us closer to the brink
The heat or cold of feelings lying somewhere in between
Silence on the line Ė 6:17

Over 20 years ago our lives just went astray
Dancing in the shadows of the nights that slipped away
Decisions made in passion that had never come to be
Combine with love unspoken and the visions yet to see
Standing in the twilight here we wash our sorrows clean
This moment is our own Ė 6:17


Weíre going off to Indiana
Our backs against the setting sun
We might not find what weíre looking for
Either way weíll have some fun
Weíre headed out for Indiana
Leave the ocean, leave the rain
So many friends left here behind us
One day weíll see them all again

This road leads to the horizon
Takes us to another day
Tomorrow is a present never opened
Between now and then who can say?
As long as weíre here today
As long as weíre here today

Weíre going off to Indiana
So many new things to see
We can slow the pace a little
Make the most of family
Weíre headed out for Indiana
An adventure on the roll
To break the bounds of your environment
Can be so healthy for the soul

One more chance.

I know Miracles can happen
Theyíve happened to me
You can have your hearts desire
If you only believe
This love may not last forever
She might walk away
But as long as weíre together now
I still have one more day

One more chance to be in love with you
One more chance to know itís true
One more chance to stay in heaven
Iím not just passing through
Iíve got one more chance with you

Pinch me I must be dreaming
I can hardly believe my eyes
Hereís this beautiful woman
Standing by my side
I never thought she would love me
Not in a million years
I guess this is what happens
When your dreams overtake your fears

Watch for signs of life

Dark and silent 2 AM
And Iím here with you again
Seems like this is all we do
You wonder if Iíll see it through
And you watch for signs of life
You know the past is gone and dead
Only exists within your head
I may not do all I should
But you know my word is good
And I see some signs of life

We can get ourselves out of here
Driving into a night thatís clear
Challenging the ancient fear
Weíll watch it all disappear

Too long to be standing still
Fear of change can break your will
Movement now can set you free
Towards the things meant to be
Join the dance of life
Anything you dare to do
Will make a change in you
Trust your heart will show the way
To another better day
And watch for signs of life

Spend some time.

We're gonna sit here in the living room
And have ourselves a talk
Maybe I'll just grab my shoes
Then we can take a walk
No big deal, we're just gonna spend some time
We'll stand here in the kitchen
And have ourselves some tea
Or go out in the back yard
Look out at all the trees
Nothing new we're just gonna spend some time

Spend some time together
Spend some time alone
I'll Spend some time on the road a while
Then Spend some time at home
Spend some time with the ones I love
You know it's not a crime
It's never really wasted
We're just gonna Spend some time

Things keep going faster
Pretty soon they're gonna fly
Spin your wheels on a gravel road
As you look up and ask why
Too much stuff and not enough time to spend
Hold the boat and slow the pace
Give yourself a break
If you don't have the time to spend
You'll need some time to take
No big deal we're just gonna Spend some time

And then...

Left my tie in the trash can
At the Chevron down the street
Dropped my badge in the mailbox
Let it bake in the heat

Because I'm not going back again
Finally reached the end
Seeing the dawn, carrying on
And then...

Passed my exit in the fast lane
Didn't turn my head
Everything I'm leaving behind
Is already dead

Life isn't over
I've still got today
And all of the past is
Beginning to fade away

This Moment.

Dance as if theres no body watching
Sing as if you wrote the song
Smile and laugh wherever you can now
Joy can never be wrong

Everything that happened before this
Is gone for good and will never return
Throw them all into the circle
And let the campfire burn

We are only here in this moment
It's always now always today
If you live in the past or tomorrow
Look what you're throwing away

Look ahead to where you are going
Think of all the places you've been
With today connecting between them
We'll never be here again

Stay with me here in the open
dance with me here on the lawn
Spend your time with friends you find here
Tomorrow we'll all be gone

Shoot for the moon

I donít know where you think youíre going
Is what that man just said
Youíre gonna stay right here
Until the day that youíre dead
There are too many others out there
So much better than you
You can wish your life away
But thereís nothing you can do

So Iíll shoot for the moon
Give it all I can
Take my shot and like as not
Karma will lend a hand (universe, God)
And shoot for the moon, shoot for the moon

Forget it man sheís out of your league
Wonít know that youíre alive
You got nothing to offer her
Thereís no way you can survive
The guys with looks and money
Will just step in front of you
You can dream your life away
But thereís nothing you can do

They say you can have anything
But not all your heart desires
If you never choose
Youíll never feel the fire
Let the ones who worry
Sit and never make a move
Itís only to yourself
That you have anything to prove


dropped my soda in the parking lot, it exploded on my shoes
didnt matter I was too over loaded, this aint front page news
walked on through the sticky mess, tried to find my keys
prayed to God for patience now, I even asked him please

five minutes later I'm stuck in traffic, nothing out there moved
just static on the radio, I was in some kind of mood
drove on in silence baking in the heat
move four feet ahead, slow down, stop, repeat

God grant me the serenity to accept what I can't change
the courage to change the things I can
wisdom to know the difference between those two
after all I'm just an ordinary man

Freight train coming at five oh two to drive across my heart
they said it stopped for about three minutes, I'm glad they made it start
mechanical contraptions, here inside my chest
too much work to do right now, they tell me I should rest

too much stress and too much liquor finally taken tolls
late nights and early mornings with ever distant goals
gotta change the lifestyle, take some time to play
I may not be here tomorrow, I guess I've got today

I just let the running rats take back their race
faith and love and meditation got me to a better place
I see so many others with the same annoying cough
pull the handle and stop the bus, its time that you got off

Wont give up.

Today I took down your pictures
Stuck em in a cardboard box
Under the dishes you left behind
Wrapped in old t-shirts and sox
I threw in some old momentos
I bought you one summers day
Although you probably wont remember
And I should just throw them away

But I wont give up on love
It's the opposite of pain
It gets easier each day
To see the sunshine through the rain
And I have only love to gain

I went down to the corner
And got myself a beer
But there was no one to talk to
Nothing they'd want to hear
So I looked out the window
Watched the cars speed by
I understand how all this happened
I'm just not sure why

There's a girl at the table
And she's got a pretty smile
I'd really like to meet her
But it's been quite a while
I'm not afraid of rejection
Or getting hurt again
I know as one thing's ending
Something else will begin

All by ourselves.

dancing through our teen age years
with momma watching every thing we did
never had much time alone
daddy and big brother found us anywhere we hid
several magic stolen moments
we were never satisfied with wasted time
wishing we could stop forever
comparing all your chaperones with mine

we donít need another soul to share
love we have is ours with none to spare
leave the world sitting on the shelves
we just want to be all by ourselves

wedding days in gowns of white
planning life until we hit our stride
children blessing everything
dependence on us both we couldnít hide
laughter mixed with many tears
watching as they grow up to be free
wonder about the future days
when life would end up with you and me

empty nest and passing time
look back at the start so long ago
all the shared experiences
there was no way that we could ever know
living in the sunset years
it seems that the dream has now come true
I look into your eyes and think
how wonderful to find someone like you

Far Side

On the far side of the valley
I see the lightning flash
Wait just two or three seconds
To hear the thunder crash
I see the storm is coming
Rolling on this way
Face into the leading wind
My heart begins to say

This is life why donít you live it
The path is almost clear
You have love why donít you give it
Heaven is so near
Forgive the past behind you
Let it disappear
Keep hold of those you treasure
This is why youíre here Ė this is why youíre here

On the far side of the ocean
Stands a figure still
Searching for the answers
Of his own free will
Dreams of heaven waiting
Somewhere far away
Movement in his heart appears
And then begins to say

On the far side of the bedroom
Sits an ancient text
Seldom read or noticed
Something else always next
But when the shadows lengthen
The tricks the mind can play
Look into the pages
At what it has to say

Girl up on the pool table.

Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
I got my quarters ready, the rest is up to you

Girl up on the pool table you might be in the way
Girl up on the pool table you might be in the way
Girl up on the pool table you might be in the way
If we're not playing pool, then what game do we play

Girl up on the pool table I just want to talk to you
Girl up on the pool table I just want to talk to you
Girl up on the pool table I just want to talk to you
You're like a breath of fresh air, beautiful and new

Girl up on the pool table our time here's almost done
Girl up on the pool table our time here's almost done
Girl up on the pool table our time here's almost done
Do you want to say goodbye, or watch the rising sun

Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
Girl up on the pool table wont you let me play through
I got my quarters ready, now it's up to you

I will not sing.

I can sing for my supper
I'll sing for breakfast too
I'll sing for cigarettes and whiskey
But I will not sing for you

I will not sing for you
Tho you may want me too
You're not even here to listen
So I will not sing for you

I've never chased a woman
Although I've wanted too
So you can listen for me there in the dark
But I will not sing for you

If someday you hear the radio
And you think it's a voice you know
Don't worry dear, it's not me
It must be someone else's show because


Freddy Mercury
Is wrapped in copper wire
Spinning in his grave
Powering the whole of London
I'm not quite sure
What that man just said
I think he's upset
At something I've done

I must have messed up
Fat bottom girls
Or sang we will rock you
With a drawl
We will rock
yes we will rock
We will rock

I don't mind
Let him talk
Probably only here
Trying to get laid
For all the work I do
I get a beer or two
That's about all
I get paid

So if Freddy Mercury
Is wrapped in copper wire
Spinning in his grave
He has a smile
His music lives on
When I sing his song
As long as I can sing it
In my style

Without you

We met back stage one autumn night
Talked into the early light
Found a hope, a spark of something true
Loving you was all I could do
Now I'm turning old and grey
Heading towards my judgment day
Trying to change my ways before I'm through
But I don't want to go to heaven without you

You're the other half of me
All I know or think or see
Everything I ever want to say
If we hold hands we might find the way
But if you take another trail
A pathway that's bound to fail
I'll follow you away from what is true
I don't want to go to heaven without you

Don't wanna go to heaven if you're not there with me
Rather spend each day with you in a fire and brimstone sea
So if you wont change your ways then I'll join in too
Cause I don't want to go to heaven without you

Comes the time to pass away
Quietly one summers day
Lay my body deep beneath the sod
Then I'll stand before almighty God
He'll ask why I went down
A path that led far underground
Instead of searching up towards the blue
I'll say it wouldn't seem like heaven without you

Fresh air

Great uncle John came out of the bathroom
Then the cloud passed through
A hint of the hot dogs from Saturday night
Something died in there too
Cover your nose with napkin or clothes
The entire house smells like poo
Open the windows and turn on the fan
I know just what to do

That's why God made fabreese
Airwick and glade to cover that cheese
Give it a minute it's only fair
Then you can breathe the air
That's why God made fabreese

Liver and onions is my favorite dinner
With garlic and salt they're delish
Cholesterol's low so everything's fried
Before it's placed on my dish
This kind of food at every meal
With a beer or two is my wish
But two days later the couch smells like liver
And somehow the chair smells like fish

The dog's getting older, the kids never bathe
And I never wash my hair
I wear the same clothes every day
I think something's living in there
Compared to old spice this stuff is nice
And lysol don't stand a prayer
We smell fantastic but the house is a mess
Spray bottles are everywhere

Yard Sale.

We got a futon bed and an old guitar
Coats piled up on top of the car
VHS and 78ís
Some other stuff that ainít that great
A circular saw and an old lunch pail
Come on down to the yard sale

We got a snowboard and a six-man tent
The tables gone, I donít know where it went
Shirts, shoes, dresses too
Some got tags just like brand new
Umbrella taped to the front porch rail
Come on down to the yard sale

Itís a yard sale and a weekend shot
If it donít rain itíll be too hot
To tell the truth if I had my say
Iíd just throw it all away

We got a dartboard and a rocking chair
So much stuff it donít seem fair
Some dishes and a crock pot
Maybe it works, maybe not
I think perhaps Iíve had my fill
Itís all headed for goodwill

Public Service Announcement.

Always tip your bartender well
Always tip your bartender well
Cause she can make this heaven or hell so
Always tip your bartender well

Remember she controls all the booze
Remember she controls all the booze
You can argue size of shots, but you'll lose
Remember she controls all the booze

The musician works for tips and beer
The musician works for tips and beer
He doesn't know every song but he learned a few this year
The musician works for tips and beer

Remember to buy some food
You know you could buy some food
I like the cheese burger but I don't mean to be rude
Remember you can buy some food

everybody sing
Always tip your bartender well
Always tip your bartender well
Cause she can make this heaven or hell so
Always tip your bartender well

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