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One Man Show One Man Show
One Man Show. - My favorite kind of music is the old folk style of one person and one guitar. Which I tried on a couple of occasions in the late 70's.

Portrait of Milton - A friend of mine had to have her dog put to sleep and the only way she could get through the grief was to paint portraits of him. Thats how I intended to write the song. It ended up being a love story of two people who met on a bus a long time ago and now exist only as pictures hanging in a hallway across from each other.

Old Jeans - Its the age old story of comfort over style and I made it a love song as well. True, its not the most romantic of subject matters but what the heck.

End of the Dirt Road. - A friend of mine posted a note on a message board. It started out to be a rant about how much it cost for the things that her second son 'needed' as he graduated high school. It ended up being a tearful look back at her sons life up to now. She put so many good lines in there that I had to make a song of it.

Ten Yards Down. - A bitter sweet dog tale. I went to visit my nephew one day and being in his early 20's he was not home much, so I just said hi to his dog Clyde. I remembered leaving my old dog with my parents when I left home many years before. So this is the result of those thoughts.

Gene Autry. - Whenever I sing this I dedicate it to my father. Who I see as a cross between Gary Cooper, Stan Freberg and Henry Mitchell (Dennis the menaces father). Quiet, solid, patient, and funny. Gene was one of his childhood heroes.

Disappear. - When I moved from Arizona to Washington I left behind one of my best friends. A heck of a nice guy stuck in a life filled with insane people. He was always working on this old truck and glad to offer a beer no matter what time it was. The verses are a conversation I had with him one morning when I came back to visit. The chorus is my impression of what I would have been thinking if I had been in his shoes.

Goin To Arizona. - Its a story of going from Seattle to Phoenix several years ago.

Jacksons Cafe. - I belong to a message board at This song about how music affected me when I was young and rediscovering the passion by accident one day.

Let go the world. - This song is about letting things go. We had a red Chevy blazer that we sold because we couldnt take care of it like it should be cared for. My dog Teddy had been my constant companion since 1989 and he passed away in April of 2004. We got a new dog right after that named Maggie. And my stepson was going away to college in the next year or two.

Never Thought to Ask. - I went to high school with a guy named James Janzen. He would call me "Sphinx" and got me my first job at an ice cream store. He was a pilot and took me up in a cessna single engine and I borrowed my Dads 8mm camera to photograph the "hop". James passed away from leukemia a few months before our 10 year class reunion.

58 Archtop. - The first guitar I ever played was a 1958 Harmony archtop f-hole jazz guitar that my mother bought before I was born, I named that one "Melody". I pretty much killed it in a few months and then "borrowed" a Yamaha guitar that my uncle Bill left at the house one day and named it "Floyd Bahumanti". Several years later I got up in the middle of the night, tripped and sat on Floyd, crushing him good. I then bought an Applause sunburst that had an aluminum neck and plastic back. I played that from 1980 until 2001. I cracked the face 5 times, wore out the frets in 3 places and changed the strings once in 20 years. In the last year or 2 I bought a couple of newer and better guitars. I also found another one of the Harmony archtops on ebay, which I purchased and now it adorns the wall.

Garden Angel. - When I was visiting my in-laws I noticed a wicker angel that they had set in the side yard. The grass and other plants had started growing around and through it so it blended in with the yard. I wrote this on the way home.

A Gift to Take. - A little poem set to music. What if you got to choose what gifts God give you - this is my 'what if'.

Walking Distance. - This describes 3 bars in Arizona that I used to frequent in the early 80's. The Metro Lounge, Dizzys and The Amber Inn in Westown.

Watercolor Life. - Sometimes you look back at life and it looks different somehow. Like a watercolor painting.

Family Reunion. - For too many years I could never go visit my parents. And I missed watching my nephew Jeff grow up. So after I wrote this I sent my mother the first copy.

13th Love song. - Just a sweet love song with a twist.

Somewhere Near Alameda Somewhere Near Alameda
Prayer for the Gulf Coast - I wrote this the day after hurricane Katrina ripped through the south.

Two Wheel Cowboy. - In the course of writing songs I sometimes start with a scribbled message to myself. This was based on the scribble "write a biker tune" and is intentionally based in Arizona just in case Garlin Hackney decides he likes it. I just cant wait for the sequel...

Absent Father. - I hear so much about deadbeat dads, I wondered what it would be like to regret the decision not to be in a childs life except from the sideline.

Six Am Southern Oregon. - I exchanged a few emails with a guy named Dan Canyon and it got me thinking. So I wrote a dark 'cowboy' song. Theres a whole story line behind it. Watch for the screen play....

The Cowboy Life - The story of a man who rode off to be a cowboy, then gave it up for city life and is now ready to head on back to the cows. I got several emails to ask if I was indeed a cowboy (answer is - not at the moment)

An Old Song. - I was at an open mic and this scruffy kid in baggy jeans sang a song that was horribly depressing. Then the next guy up (Ted) sings a couple of Elvis songs. Given the choice I'll take the old song.

Dark Water. - I was watching Oprah just after hurricane Katrina and fooling around on the guitar. This took about 3 minutes to write. Its an unhappy tale of a flood victim who passes away while waiting for help to arrive.

The Crowd. - Some images of folks I've seen at the Victory Music open mic at the crossroads mall in Bellevue Washington. The guy in the last verse is vaguely based on Jim Nason.

Somewhere Near Alameda. - My grandmother lived in Alameda, California and I always liked the sound of the city name. I built a country "loved and lost" story around it.

What Love Can Make. - Another love story.

Hey, Come On. - The full title is "hey come on lets grab another pitcher" so I went with the shorter version. Its the story of an old friend and how through all the crap life tossed at him he would still show up at my doorstep, flat broke and try to get me to hit the bar with him so we could drink and listen to live music. And yes it did work now and then.

Daisy - Its a simple love song. One of my favorite kind of songs to write.

Nuthin Happens. - The puchline is lifted from the 3 stooges (I try to think but nuthin happens). The story is a complete fabrication even tho the Cattlemans is a nice place in Prescott to have a beer or two...

A Quiet Moment - My ode to meditation and prayer.

Once Upon a Time. - Another love song.

Flowers by the Freeway. - I keep seeing white crosses by the roadside and wonder about the lives of the lost. I have written music to these lyrics 3 times but this is the only version I liked. The others became instrumentals on the other CDs.

Nothing Left to Say. - When you don't want someone to leave, a half a moment can be a lifetime.

Theodore (goodbye old friend). - Ted was my friend, side man and the best dog I ever met. He passed away April 4th of 2004. His partner in crime - "Princess" passed away on the same date five years later. I miss them both every day.

half full half full
Late for my own funeral - This is a little 'bumper sticker' thinking. Along the lines of "I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks". I know several people who think there are not enough hours in the day - this is for them.

Grand Adventure. - This was written for my parents on their 50th anniversary. The images are taken from my mothers story of their courtship and my memories.

Glimpse of Americana. - This is sort of an overheard conversation. There was a post on the Jacksons cafe web site about a trip someone took driving in the mountains. The visuals were so nice I wanted to capture the feeling that I got from them. Like the last weekend of summer as the days grow short and the leaves turn. You know that soon everything will be cold and dead, but somewhere in the back of your mind you remember the feeling of seeing the first flower in spring. Seeing the children waving to cars and enjoying people waving back struck me as the same kind of feeling - the type of entertainment that did not require electricity. No matter how cold and dead things may seem, children are still children and there will be another first flower of spring.

Voice of Angels. - I tend to not plan my life as much as most folks. Which does, at times, leave me standing there wondering how the heck I got where I am and what do I do next. This is one of those musings.

Half full and getting warm - I get a lot of 'you should do this' advice from all sides. I have been told many times that I dont go about things the 'normal' way. I heard that to make it in music you have to be young and follow the lead of all the experts. If thats the case then I am free to do what I want how I want. The glass is half full - until I get thirsty anyway.

What a mans gotta do. - A study in depression. I got the first couple of lines from my friend Roxie. Then I built a depressing little story about a guy who works at the wrong parts of his life and at the end he has nothing and the farm still needs to be worked.

Transubstantiation blues. - Divine inspiration here. The comunion bread at my church is sometimes a little chewy and will stick to your teeth. It kind of flowed from there.

Ben & Kristen cause a ruckus. - The youngest of my brothers children. I wrote the title in 2003. I wrote the first part of the music in 2004. The rest in 2005. And the lyrics in 2006. Its almost as old as they are.

My Television. - I dont go to the doctor much, but according to the TV theres a bunch of stuff I should ask him about. It also has strong ideas about my auto selection and what I need to be happy. yeah, right.

Just a shadow. - This was originally an idea for a video. I wrote a throwaway song to go with some footage. the video did not work at all. I looked at the song which did not have a chorus and only 4 short verses. Decided to shelve it. Then an email was sent to me from an old friend who is on the reunion committee for my old high school. He was asking about a tribute to all the folks from the class who died over the years. I looked at the song, added another verse and sent him the song. Later I added an intro because more folks passed on than we were expecting.

What were you expecting?. - I listen to people complain about the republicans or the democrats and how many lies they tell in trying to get elected. what were you expecting/

Off Shore - I have no fear of a layoff, outsource, downsize, lean, or share value considerations in salary planning. Even though it did happen - I roll with the punches - or in this case with the waves.

Fresh coat of paint. - If you have ever heard it before - here it is again.

Best friend - This is a wedding song that is supposed to be a duet. Perhaps someday I will get my wife to sing it with me.

A life reflected. - True story of one sunday spent in contemplation.

Silence is golden. - And if thats true then I'm the richest man alive. It must be stacked up in the hall or under the chair. Its not in the checking account at the moment.

All in this together. - A musical jigsaw puzzle. This song is made up of:
1. The name of a website I frequent
2. Comments made by Jim Nason at the crossroads mall
3. comments by Doug Ryan at the same mall
4. A line from Sidney Toler in 'Charlie Chans Murder Cruise'
an extra prize if you can guess which lines are which.

Moving furniture - I wrote these lyrics as a poem in 2003. I wrote a song called 'Arbuckle in the rain' but decided the tune did not fit with the lyrics - but it did fit to these. go figure.

I cant see the forest I cant see the forest
Addicted - A friend of mine used free form poetry to describe her addiction to coffee as part of her morning routine. I saw through it completely and wrote a song about her addiction to the five minutes of quiet time every morning.

London Frail. - I was working on a style of playing the guitar roughly based on a style of playing the banjo called 'frailing'. The words just sort of flowed out as I was playing.

Arbuckle in the rain. - Some friends were sharing stories about getting a flat tire. Mine was about having a flat on a rental truck in Arbuckle California while it was raining. Someone said 'hey that sounds like a song title'. I know a challenge when I hear it.

Up Front and Honest. - One of the things my wife and I did before getting married was to drag out all the old baggage from our pasts. It didnt change anything. It really shouldn't for anyone.

Double Negative Blues - This comes from an episode of COPS. The police had arrested a 'perp' who commented loudly 'I didnt do nothin'. To which the officer replied 'That sounds like a confession'. I laughed for a while and than got this song idea.

The Band. - This is the sequel to a song on 'Somewhere Near Alameda' called 'The Crowd'. I went to an open mic for bands at a local bar and these were some of the characters and impressions.

The Greatest Generation. - This is not an anti military song. It's an anti-marketing song. I thank those in uniform for their sacrifice. I do question the governments tactics in recuitment. The song was based on 3 things. 1. A friends father got a letter from the US Army that told him if he could get a relative or friend to join up, they would send him a check for a thousand dollars. 2. The Army sent my stepson a computer war game to entice him to join. It was rated T for teens even though it was about killing other people. 3. A batch of TV commercials trying to get parents to encourage their kids to join so they can better their lot in life. It was obvious to me that the commercial was aimed at low income families.

Closer Still. - This idea came to me one morning several years ago. It just took a long time to write the thing.

A Minute Late. - It always seems like the time drags to a stop when waiting at the airport for a loved one to walk out.

Sittin in/Dewey's Office. - 'Sittin in' is the instrumental introduction. Dewey's office is about the Moon Valley High School Dean of students back in the 1970's when I was there (Mr. Dewey Williams). He helped many kids back on track and was a true friend to many others. Everyone knew him even if they never got the thrill of having to visit his office. This song was written for the 30 year reunion in Sept of 2007. The story line is one of my own invention, any resemblance to people living or dead...

This Reunion - One more song written for the 30 year reunion. This is actually based on observations I made at the 10 year reunion.

School Days. - Not written specifically for the reunion, this is another wistful 'look back' at the old days at MV.

Embrace the Dissonance - This was written a couple of years ago because I noticed there were a lot of songs using major 7th chords so I tried my hand. Plus, it gave me a chance to use the word cacophony in a song and have it gramaticaly correct.

The Big Hand Blues. - An urban legend I am sure. But quite fun if you get the joke.

The End. - A lament about one of lifes greatest tragedies.

Private Storm Private Storm
Crossroads - The same day I bought a red guitar from a friend of mine, I read a note posted by another friend at One of the lines said "I called Leslie from a sushi bar". I reversed it and when I picked up the red guitar this was literally the first song played on it and it was written as I played it. I had to name the guitar 'Leslie' in honor of its first song. I have since traded Leslie on another guitar - I hope she doesn't mind...

Dance with you. - This was written about my friend Randy. He went to the prom with his wife and they have pretty much been together ever since.

Cooper's Lament - A depressing little story about a guy who had a hard life filled with bad things, who finds himself on death row after 'accidentally' killing his girl. Because theres no way for him to correct the damage he's done, he asks God to bring him heaven in his dreams and let him die in his sleep. I could write a screenplay to go with it, but I haven't yet.

Muffin Top Girl. - While listening to a local band called 'Bad Alibi' one night, at a bar called 'The Pickled Onion', I noticed several girls dancing with my friend Kevin. They all had those 'love handles' and they all wore clothes that displayed them prominently.I wrote the main line of the song on a napkin (She's a muffin top girl and man does she look great) and finished the song the next day.

Thirty Something - The next class reunion for my high school is going to include several class years. They decided that it would be called the '30 something reunion' and so this is a song written for the shindig.

Katrina. - One night at the dive I frequent, I was sitting next to a guy who asked me who the beautiful girl playing pool was and if I could introduce him to her. She is a friend of mine named Katrina. When I approached her she said 'not now I'm busy, maybe tomorrow'. so I wrote the song from this guys perspective.

Private Storm. - The title was based on a spray painted comment that I saw on a sidewalk. It was to let the street construction folks know that the storm drain was not a public drain. I started thinking of a private storm from a human point of view. How many people run to the storm cellar when it looks like a little rain in their relationships. How many of the people you pass every day look just fine but on the inside there is a raging hurricane that no one else sees.

Don't Start with me. - This was based on a tidbit of conversation overheard at Katie J's Bar & Grill in Renton Washington. A woman said to her boyfriend "Don't you start with me, I haven't said nothin nasty to you ALL day".

Nothing Good. - This was a twist on one of my favorite arguments when someone claims that its 'just no use'. Whats the worst that could happen? Nothing good could ever come of this - except maybe love.

Bad Alibi. - The lyrics were written with a local band in mind. Sort of like the Bad Company song 'Bad Company'. They did not seem interested in the lyrics, so I set them to music and kept them.

El Camino. - This was written as an exercise in songwriting at My wife used to drive her parents El Camino many years ago and she had a heavy foot on the gas pedal. This is an invented story about her getting another one and what would happen.

Directorial Debut - The first line 'the severed head rolled out the door and down into the street' came to me at work one day. The song started out as a Halloween tune but changed when I got to the end.

For Myself. - One of the things I see a lot of is people arguing about silly things when you know theres something else they want to say. This is based on a conversation between a young couple I heard at a mall one day. I could tell that they both wanted to drop the childishness of the actual argument and get to the underlying discussion.

Sailing Winds - Another little story from the recesses of my mind. I wrote the line about Kachinas about a year before the rest of the song.

Polite Conversation. - I started this in 2004 and finished it in 2008 after an evening in the local dive when a friend told someone he would pay them twenty dollars if they would shut up.

Who's Complaining. - A silly 'Bob Dylan' style song.

Recycling. - Some people take 'going green' seriously. I remember when going green meant dressing up for St. Patrick's day.

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