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One Man Show in a One Dog Town Somewhere near Alameda Half Full and Just Getting Warm I cant see the forest Private Storm Happy Hour Getting Warmer 6:17 1958 Archtop Harmony Watch For Signs Of Life Water Color Life Night Vision Dont look now... Above the rim Yard work

What people are saying about Doug
(to his face, not the stuff behind his back)

"I love your music" - Mom
"Fresh as Prine" - Some guy who sent me an email
"Better than the Zombie Strippers" - Larry & Billy's sister Adrena
"Reminds me of my brother in Oregon" - Mike C
"Your music has potential in todays market" - Spam email
"Woah dude you're awsome" - Some drunk playing darts
"Just like the radio" - A different drunk playing darts
"Do you know any Rodney Carrington?" - Mark
"I didn't know you played the guitar" - Karen
"Could you please write a song called F***in Darts?" - Jess
"Keep playing, my wife likes it" - Some guy from a band I was "opening" for
"I can sing harmony to City of New Orleans" - A toothless woman
"I made those people give me money for you - here's a dollar" - Old Man Jack
"Ah, thats sweet" - Some girl I wrote a song about
"I'm gonna be famous" - Shayla
"F***in Darts is the best song ever" - Dennis (Jess' dad)
"Are you stalking my daughter?" - Shayla's mother
"Where's the restroom?" - Still another drunk playing darts
"Life is beautiful" - Uncle Jeff
"People are our best asset" - A Former Employer
"LOL dude, IMHO you RTH" - Some guy on facebook
"Yes, I will" - Rose
"SWD (Say What Dude?)" - my response to Some guy on facebook
"Time flies and we got to walk" - A lazy dude
"hey remember me from school?" - some girl I did NOT remember from school
"Habibi" - Rose
"Can you teach me diaphragmatic singing?" - strangest pick up line I've ever heard

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