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Somewhere Near Alameda Somewhere Near Alameda

"Prayer for the Gulf Coast"

Never get old, I heard her say
Remember that you have today
Quick as a breeze it blows away
And buries life in tears
It buries life in tears

Living each day like itís your last
Looking ahead into the past
Distant storms approaching fast
May overtake your fears
Will overtake your fears

May the road rise to meet you
May the sun keep you warm
May you find your hearts desire
And shelter from the storm

When house and home are lost and gone
Faith alone will lead you on
Alive to see the breaking dawn
Keep your children near
Just keep your children near

The sun continues across the sky
Only those whoíve passed know why
Angel voices sing on high
And shed a single tear
Shed a single tear

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Two Wheel Cowboy"

He walked out of the bar into the Arizona sun
Pulled his hat down tight and double checked his gun
Duster blew behind him as he strode out to his ride
Swung into the saddle and the rabbits ran to hide
The rumble of the big machine echoed through the town
Big hand on the throttle slowly turned the bike around
Spitting in the dust and then lowering his gaze
Another day of riding through that Arizona blaze

Heís a two wheel cowboy an outlaw on the road
Live to ride and ride to live is the bikerís code
A two wheeled cowboy about a hundred years too late
Riding to his destiny in a rendezvous with fate

Raised in Oklahoma then the cactus called him here
To ride the dusty highways only stopping for a beer
From the Colorado River to the New Mexico state line
From Utah to Nogales you can hear his tires whine
Heís had himself some women but never had a wife
Voodoo priest told him once that it would end his life
Told him if he ever left this lonely desert state
He'd find his love, die in her arms, that would be his fate

He stopped in bullhead city for a drink or maybe two
Stared across the river at a girl he thought he knew
Rode across the bridge stopping in Nevada dirt
Tipped his hat and simply said howdy my names Kirt
She looked into his eyes and he knew it was the end
As a band of biker outlaws drove around the bend
Drive by bullets pierced his heart as she ran to his side
And as his life was ending he told her "take my ride"

A two wheel cowboy dying in the dirt
The woman swore a vengeance to the man she knew as Kirt
A two wheel cowboy finally found his mate
Riding to his death in a rendezvous with fate

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Absent Father"

Play the piano for me Danny
Like you did when you were two
I don't have too many memories
Of the time I spent with you
Ten minute tape of conversation
Piano playing random notes
Home movie blurred thru years of playing
And some aging bathtub boats

I am the absent father
Wishing time could just replay
All the birthdays that I never spent with you
Things that I could never say
I am the absent father
A man you never really knew
Standing silent at the edges of your life
Whisper softly I love you

Phantom sounds of giggled laughter
Christmas toys and smiling eyes
Your happy childhood memories
I tell myself a few more lies
You know I never saw it coming
The time just disappeared from view
A Weekend dad who drifted out of sight
Neglecting Love long overdue

Now I watch the fading pictures
Knowing that I cannot return
You paid the price for both of us
I hope my lessons finally learned

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Six Am Southern Oregon"

6am Oregon
Sallow rider in the dawn
Body dragging weary bones
Horse shoes cracking on broken stones

Tracked me in from Texas weeks ago
Mounted rangers I may never know

Hoof beats pounding in my head
Sleep is only for the dead
Lost my brother in a trail of blood
Promise broken I said I would

Waking nightmare in an endless run
For sixty dollars and a smoking gun

Mare is done she just laid down
Approaching riders the only sound
One shell left for me to share
I pray Iíll see my brother there

Silhouettes appear in morning sun
Careful aim and the end has come

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"The Cowboy Life"

Time to head this body home
Out to where the cattle roam
Saddle up that old brown horse
I used to dream of the Rodeo
Until my heart and bones said no
Headed out on a different course
I rode away to the cowboy life
An old guitar and a pocketknife
Quickly learned the way of the west
Hard life on the open range
Every night the sky would change
Trust the good lord, cause he knows best
He knows I loved the Cowboy life

A young and foolish heart to tend
Quick to hurt and slow to mend
Never thought to stop and wonder why
Wasn't there when my parents died
I was still out branding hide
Sleeping underneath a starlit sky
I rode away to the cowboy life
This guitar and a pocket knife
Live out on Gods own earth
Best friend carried me home
For a bag of oats, a brush n comb
Soon learned what friends are worth
Living the cowboy life

I can't breathe this city air
Smells enough to curl your hair
Four walls and bills to pay
Traffic jam on every street
Can't escape the summer heat
I don't know what makes me stay
I rode away from the cowboy life
To a safe job and a selfish wife
There's nothing left for me to do
Stand here and ask the sea
Is there a cowboy left in me
Or just a ranch style house in Malibu
Lord I miss the cowboy life

I'm riding back to the cowboy life
Without that pocket knife
Some where I belong
Breathe free on the open range
Waiting for that sky to change
While I sing this song
About the cowboy life

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"An Old Song"

Play me an old song
From nineteen sixty four
I need a simple tune
You donít hear any more
Play me a happy song
Not gloom and death
I wanna sing yeah yeah yeah
For my last breath

Play me an old song
I need to smile once more
Donít talk about the price of gas
Or who started a war
This is entertainment
Not therapy
Happy ever after
Is how things should be

Too much black makeup
And dirty jeans
New songs are depressing me
I wonder what that means
People dressed in olive drab
And combat boots
What ever happened to matching ties
And velvet suits

Tell me about the summer of love
Nineteen sixty eight
Bell bottoms and tie dye
By the Golden Gate
Hey how about disco
All ya wanta do is dance
Bump the hustle in a leisure suit
And spandex pants

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Dark Water in the holy land"

Ghost town on Bourbon Street
Dark clouds in the august heat
I get a bad feeling here
People running like frightened deer
No car, no train, no bus
Whatís to become of us?
Food and water, but we need more
No money for the grocery store

Dark water in the Holy Land
More rain than we can stand
No place left to flee
God save my family

Rain and wind screams all night
Pray to heaven for morning light
Powers on but it wont last
Levee waterís rising fast
Two foot of water, now itís four
Moving up to the second floor
Attic prison break the roof
God loves me but I need proof

Dark water in the Holy Land
More rain than we can stand
No place left to flee
God save my family

Rain goes but water stays
Waiting now for seven days
See choppers miles away
Sun sets, then I pray
God took my kids today
Small voices fade away
Ask why but I donít know
Now its time for me to go

Dark water in the Holy Land
More pain than I can stand
No place left for me
Time to join my family

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"The Crowd"

The tattooed girl leaned to the mic
A little more than she should
Drowning the guitarist
Who wasnít all that good
Emotion in her voice sang out
Of pain sheíd never see
Youíd think this hardened city girl
Was from the hills of Tennessee

The crowd ignored everything
And looked the other way
Their meals were more important
Than whatever she might say
She just kept on singing
Lost inside the song
Escape from her reality
Just three minutes long

His face was turning red before
The young man took the stage
His movement stiff and awkward
Like his brain just disengaged
Forgot the words the first time
Then started up once more
Dead on key, the sound was gold
As he looked at the floor

The crowd ignored the whole event
Pretending not to see
Wondering about the time
Or what was on TV
He just kept on singing
Pure as morning rain
Short three minute heaven
This world could not contain

Ancient lines stood out upon
His weathered old stone face
Heíd seen a thousand microphones
Each in a different place
Played his magic guitar strings
With well worn expertise
Gravel voice croaked out the tune
Like a dusty summer breeze

The crowd turned to watch the show
Forgot about his beer
The aging barfly coughed once
Then choked back a tear
The old man kept on singing
As he had through out his life
He loved the songs like children
And the singing, like a wife

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Somewhere Near Alameda"

Somewhere near Alameda you just walked away
Leaving me alone with a life in disarray
You said Iím out of here
I just sat and drank a beer
Goodbye was the last word I heard you say

Somewhere near Alameda my life began to sink
Walking by the sea alone made me start to think
How I let you down
In every single town
Until I pushed your love over the brink

Somewhere out near Alameda
Not so long ago
As you walked away I never
Said I love you so
If this song should ever reach you
You'll know where I am
Somewhere out near alameda
You left behind a man

Somewhere near alameda I still wait for your return
After all the lonesome years you think that I might learn
The love I had is gone
You only left a song
And out near Alameda I still burn

Somewhere out near Alameda
All those years ago
As you walked away I never
Said I love you so
If this song should ever reach you
You'll know where I am
Somewhere out near Alameda
There walks a lonely man

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"What Love Can Make"

The Wind outside our window sings a lullaby
Remembering the way you looked the second of July
The day you saved my life and I saved yours
The opening of hearts like two creaking doors
I love you more today than anything on earth
Now I know what life is worth

In our distant aging past memory remains
Tied within a tangled web of old regrets and chains
When you changed your name to mine and we kissed
Sealing then the pact of love we had always missed
I love you with the passion that you gave to me
Now I know all that love can be

I know what life is worth
And all that life can be
Everything I need to live
Is standing next to me

I realize the end of life is closer than the start
From now until that moment you can keep my heart
You still save my life each day and I save you
Watch you fall asleep at night is all I want to do
I love you more every morning I awake
Now I know what love can make

© 2004 Doug Barnett

"Hey, Come On"

Shared a playground each day of second grade
Both thought the other had it made
Logic could never really lead that guy astray
Nothing changed, we grew up that way

Hey come on lets grab another pitcher
Hit the bar and listen to a tune
I hear Bill is playing down at Dizzys
Man I need to taste beer soon

Had an old green Chrysler, We pushed around a bit
It backfired and the carburetor lit
He stood there with a beer in hand and a car consumed with fire
Then someone doused the funeral pyre

Hey come on lets grab another pitcher
Hit the bar and listen to a tune
I hear Mark is playing at the Metro
I gotta take a break from this crap soon

The day his step dad hit him with a wrench
Seems the old man finally dug a trench
Sister coming home saved him from the noose
Nothing saved him from the mans abuse

Hey come on lets grab another pitcher
Hit the bar and listen to a tune
Someone must be playing at the local
I'm headed off the deep end way too soon

Now he looks me up when the woman leaves him cold
Or when severance pay is not enough to hold
The spirit is the hardest thing for anyone to lose
Especially when it wasn't theirs to choose

Hey man lets forget about the pitcher
Just a glass or two for old time sake
I never finished drowning all those sorrows
I've had as much fun as I can take

Hey come on lets grab another pitcher
Hit the bar and listen to a tune
I heard Bill became a DJ
And Mark's just howling at the moon

© 2005 Doug Barnett


Daisy save me
Won't you take my hand?
It maybe crazy
Not the way you planned
Daisy, help me
I'm giving you my heart
Keep it safely
But that's only a start
When will you
When will you
When will you
Ever see
Daisy, Daisy
You were made for me

Daisy, Daisy
Everyday that I'm alive
Your love saves me
I feel my ship has arrived
Daisy, Daisy
I knew the day we met
God had graced me
It hasnít left me yet
When will I
When will I
When will I
Ever know
Daisy, Daisy
Your warm smiles glow

Daisy, Daisy
I sing my heart to you
Feeling fills me
Soul of love shining through
When will you
When will you
When will you
Ever be
Daisy, Daisy
The other half of me

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Nuthin Happens"

I try to think, but nothin happens
I don't know how fast I was goin
Please officer, believe me
ya gotta let me drive on

I try to think, I don't remember
Did I really drink all that beer
If you'll just, return my license
I'll get the hell out of here

I found myself in Dallas Texas
Parking lot of the cotton bowl
I left home, Prescott Arizona
And just went out for a stroll

Must have stopped at the Cattleman's
To adjust my att-i-tude
Ran a tab with extended credit
And just flat got stewed

I try to think but nothin happens
I don't know where I got this car
Plates say its from Alaska
I'm pretty sure I didn't go that far

I try to think I don't remember
I wonder what my wife will say
You're telling me its late November
I could have sworn it was May

I know you have a job to do
I wouldn't want you to lose
My stomachs a little queasy
Too bad about those shoes

Six months in county jail
A bed and three squares a day
Clean and sober, fed and rested
Who says crime doesn't pay

I try to think but nothin happens
I wasn't even there that day
I try to think I don't remember
I guess there's nothing left to say

© 2004 Doug Barnett

"A Quiet Moment"

Early this day as bones creak and rise
Slow moving body to mirrors surprise
Before noise of the world breaks through
Just a quiet moment with you

Racing the rats to gather and hunt
Evil assails and pulls to the front
Before temptation to stop comes in view
Just a quiet moment with you

Just a quiet moment
Reflection on the strain
Put the world in perspective for now
A chance to start again

Home travel finally the coast to the end
Smile from a loved one hearts on the mend
Harsh words forgotten as daylight is through
And one quiet moment with you

Silent and dark the mare of the night
Arrows may speed on a dangerous flight
Shivering fear now washed in the blue
Of a quiet moment with you

Just a quiet moment
Reflection on the pain
Put my life in perspective for now
A chance to start again

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Once Upon a Time"

Once upon a time
Was how it all began
I looked into your eyes
You were nine and I was ten
We never kissed
Just something we missed
Another lovely fairy tale
One more nursery rhyme

Once upon a time
I thought of you each day
Lie awake at night
Daydreams keep the dark away
Living alone
Heart like a stone
Waiting for the end to come
And wake on heavens door

Once upon a time
I found you waiting here
The dream at last is real
Come to wash away my fear
I finally knew
My love was you
If you find a lasting truth
It sets you free

Once upon a time
A happy ever after life
Living every day
Just another man and wife
Beliefs all you need
Change your world and plant a seed
The fairy tale does come true
Once upon a time

© 2004 Doug Barnett

"Flowers by the Freeway"

Some flowers by the freeway crisp and turning black
Cigarette ejected from a passing Cadillac
Dried and aging petals now dancing orange delight
Roadside cross engulfed in flame an evil southern night

Smoke rose around the cross above the small bouquet
A memory where someone's life was spirited away

Flowers by the freeway for every-one to see
But no-one seemed to see them ex-cept me

I wondered who it was that lost a loved one by the road
Standing by the spot each day I watched but no one slowed
The winter snow soon covered where the cross and flowers stood
A silent cold eraser at the edge of darkened wood

My daily stop forgotten in the hustle of the spring
A sudden a jog of memory recalled with other things

Flowers by the freeway for every-one to see
But no-one seemed to see them ex-cept me

The ashen spot beside the road now green and gone to seed
Color blooms exploding between dandelion and weed
Melted rosary and cross are dust removed from sight
Flower children mark the spot where the angels once took flight

Mowing down the fire risk so there's nothing left to see
Perhaps the wooden cross and flowers were only there for me

© 2004 Doug Barnett

"Nothing Left to Say"

I have waited all my life
To spend this minute with you
Planning each word in advance
Everything thing I might do

If you only look my way
Grant me a last request
Just half a moment longer
To live a life that's blessed

The sun is rising on a cloudless day
Fog is burning slowly from the bay
You're still leaving and I'm still here
And there's nothing left to say

All Too soon the moments over
Fleeting in the autumn sun
The Drifting leaves continue falling
Knowing you and I were one

A lifetime spreading out behind me
The past is softer on my heart
I can replay in vivid color
Every moment from the start

© 2005 Doug Barnett

"Theodore (goodbye old friend)"

Sleep, sleep well old friend
So we say goodbye
To every thing
Now we're at the end
You can sail away
And I will sing
Just for you
When will I be home?

When will I be home?
When will I be home?
There will be a certain someone waiting for me
When will I be home?

When, the journey ends
The final steps are slow
To ease the soul
Know, that I am well
Sing the song of life
Until the night
Comes to call
When will I be home?

When will I be home?
When will I be home?
Will there still be a certain someone waiting for me
When will I be home?

We, have said adieu'
Many times before
In morning light
Linger here with me
For just a time
And then you go
To heavens door
When will you be home?

When will you be home?
When will you be home?
There will be a certain someone waiting to see
When will you be home?

© 2004 Doug Barnett

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