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Somewhere Near Alameda
Recorded July to October 2005:
Somewhere Near Alameda Somewhere Near Alameda
The front cover is actually somewhere near San Jose -
The back cover is the train tracks in Renton, Washington. by what once was the 'Spirit of Washington' Train Depot.

The Songs:
1. Gulf Coast Prayer

2. Two Wheel Cowboy

3. Absent Father

4. 6am Southern Oregon

5. The Cowboy Life

6. An Old Song

7. Dark Water in the holy land

8. The Crowd

9. Somewhere near Alameda

10. What Love can Make

11. Hey Come On

12. Daisy

13. Nuthin Happens

14. A Quiet Moment

15. Once Upon A Time

16. Flowers by the freeway

17. Nothing Left

18. Theodore

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