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Life is an adventure. At least that's what I'm told. I think perhaps I'm in a comedy or even a drama/tragedy/farce. Either way things are always interesting or on their way to interesting.

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. It was fun. I have great parents. I got to see the first moon walk live on TV. I got to watch congress go after Nixon for an entire year on PBS. I just missed being a 'real' hippie by a couple of years. I settled for becoming an 'old hippie' in my later years. High school was a painful experience that seems so much better 30 years later.

I started playing my mothers old Harmony guitar in 1976. I really wanted to be John Denver and I looked like John Lennon, so the possibilities were endless. However, no practice leads to poor ability. No matter what kind of 'potential' I had. I moved on to work/life/love/etc and forgot most of the Jim Croce song book I memorized in those early years.

In 2003 I bought a 'real' guitar: My name is JD!
It was great, but I only remembered "Country Roads". So that's what I played, over and over, every lunch and break time, until I learned another tune (several months later). After that it became a habit. Then it became an addiction. In a year or so my hands began acting on their own and I began writing songs.
By this time I was living near Seattle and working for a large airplane manufacturer who shall remain nameless. Due to unmentioned financial issues, I moved to the low rent district of Renton Washington and started hanging out at a local dive called "Joes". The beer was warm and the clientelle was dangerous. Sounds like home to me. Joe's was bought and changed it's name to Katie J's (tell them I said hi if you drop in for a beer). The beer got cold and the people got nicer. The owner bought a PA system and I started hosting an open mic night there on Saturday nights. At this point I was confronted with a problem I had ignored up to now. It was called stage fright. And OOO it was bad. Shaking knees, wobbly voice. The only thing that saved me was the fact no one was listening. I spent many happy Saturdays singing my songs for the pool table or the bartender or my half full beer glass.
Within a year or so I was actually making eye contact and interacting with several beer soaked patrons. Then a wonderful electric guitar player (Mike Helland) wandered in to play for tips. I sat in and as we developed a set of tunes we could play, my stage fright ran for the hills and has not been back.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and so I am now back in the valley of the shadow of blistering heat (Phoenix) after a 10 year 'vacation' in the sunny north west... Ok, it was not a 'vacation' and only 'partly' sunny. it was gainful employment. At least until June of 2010 when it became gainful unemployment. Then it was sort of like a vacation. A penny pinching, teeth gnashing, fearful, uninsured, loose cannon of a vacation. The neighborhood I was living in Renton is called "The Highlands" but most of the "Highlanders" are a lot different than in the movie or TV series. None the less I tried to fit in by speaking in a fake pirate accent and dressing like an old Hippie. I miss the people and the music I found there.

My name is Freedom! My name is Evelyn!

One of the reasons I named a CD 'one man show in a one dog town' was because I did all the recording work on the CDs, played all the guitar tracks, sang lead and harmony vocals. Took most of the pictures, designed the cover and burned the CDs. So it really is a one man show at the moment. and a fairly low tech one at that.
The CDs were recorded using a Tascam 8-track DP-01 digital recorder. Then transfered to wav files with an open source program called Audacity and burned onto CD-R using Cakewalk Pyro 2004. I make videos using a program called Arcsoft, that came with a $20 video capture unit. The video is recorded by an old VHS camcorder made in the last century. Although I just bought a new video camera - which means I now have to save up and buy video editing software.

I also design web pages on a 'not quite for profit' basis. I've created pages for some of my friends including: Bob Debruyn - a Painter and Musician in Seattle. & 2 man blues band

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