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Getting Warmer Getting warmer


Weíre gonna dance the night away
Dance until the dawn
Dance all of our blues away
And make sure theyíre gone

Dance here in the living room
Dance in the kitchen too
Dance out on the front porch
For the neighbors to view

Dance here in the laundry room
Dance out in the hall
Dance into the backyard
As leaves begin to fall

Weíre gonna dance the day away
Dance until the night
Dance our troubles out of here
Then weíll be all right

Weíre gonna dance until the winters done
Just you and me
Dance until our strength is gone
Just wait and see

Dance right down the driveway
Dance around the bend
Dance until we cant no more
Then weíll start again

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

A little bit slow

She left one day
After the new years snow
Iíve been here without her
For a year or so
I didnít understand
We needed to grow
She had to move faster
And Iím a little bit slow

Iím a little bit slow
I wanted you to know
I may not win or place or show
But Iíve still got eight seconds
To ride in this rodeo

I canít understand and
They all tell me so
So many things
That I should know
My preacher told me
You reap what you sow
I guess that harvest is empty
Cause Iím a little bit slow

I think I found the one
She makes my heart glow
Though she may refuse me
A thousand times I know
Thatís all right with me
I go with the flow
Iím biding my time
Cause Iím a little bit slow

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Quiet Desperation

Donít he look funny in his brown suit
And a blue pair of shoes
Sox are white and his tie is green
But he has nothing to lose
He hasnít been on an interview
In twenty seven years
He donít remember that one now
And it plays upon his fears

In a life of quiet desperation
He hopes it all works out
Moving forward anytime he can
Through all the fear and doubt
In a life of quiet desperation

She has three kids from different men
And never saw a ring
Their promises of a better life
Didnít mean a thing
She works a dead end paycheck
And walks a country mile
Her childrenís laughter is the only thing
That ever makes her smile

They look around at the happy ones
Or so it seems to be
Thinking they are all alone
But they just donít see
Everyone they see each day
Have their own troubles too
No matter who they think they are
Theyíre just like me and you

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Ever After

I don't want to be the guy who drives
Past your house to see a light
A shadow here in passing
While you spend your night

I don't want to be a memory
Of a love that disappears
Colors turn to gray one day
As if I was never here

I don't want to be your first ex husband
Or number two or three
The titles fall to up and comers
Like something on TV

I don't want to be just the person
You call when things are wrong
A friendly port in any storm
Only sing happy songs

Want to be in your life
Want to be in your heart
I want to feel you here with me
Even if we are apart

I want to grant your wishes
I want to free your soul
I wanted you to know I love you
And ever after this is so

I don't want to keep repeating
The songs I sang before
Somehow the lyrics call to me
From just beyond the door

I don't want to live in exile
But I will if that's the way
To keep you safe and happy
Every single day

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Walking Home

As I step out in the darkness
From this doorway here
Wander down to the street light
Into the last frontier
Push the button wait my turn
On this deserted street
Under the cameras watchfull eyes
I contem plate my feet
As I'm walking home

I see the cracking pavement
And all the tangled weeds
Maybe they should tear it down and start again
I think thats what we need
Theres a stopsign marking halfway
Just past the yard and school
I see the shadowed outline
Of some other fool
As I'm walking home

As I look back on the evening
Your scent floats on the breeze
The desire in your eyes tonight
Brings me to my knees
But I know when you have had enough
And your hearts not there
How I'd love to have you lie to me
But that would not be fair

All the neighbors silent dark
Except a dog or two
As I step around the trash cans
I start to dream of you
Theres a car in the driveway
But thers no one home
Until I climb the three front steps
And go inside alone
As I'm walking home

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Autumn Skies

We could sit beneath the tree
And dream away the hours
Iíll pretend Iím a bumblebee
And youíre a field of flowers
We can sit there in silence
Iíll stare into your eyes
You are the only thing I see beneath these autumn skies

I can still remember
Staying there with you
The days in late September
With nothing else to do
Laying there in silence
Iíd listen to you sigh
Yours is the only voice I hear beneath this autumn soon

But the winterís coming soon
As autumn blows away
Seasons moving forward
And nothing ever stays

Life is always changing
And people fade away
Somehow weíre forgetting
The things we need to say
I will stand here in silence
Staring at your pictures eyes
(And look into your eyes)
You are the only one I love beneath these autumn skies

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

"Still getting warm"

Cold, you're so cold
Thatís what she said to me
Youíll never find what you're looking for
So far away from where you should be
I'm not as think as she drunk I might be
May not have much but at least its all free
Life isnít tied to a predestined form
The glass is half full and I'm just getting warm

Old, you're old
To old to make it in this town
I donít mind if its sink or swim
I'm not afraid to drown
I'm not as think as they drunk I might be
May not have much but at least I'm free
Life isnít tied to a predestined form
The glass is half full and I'm just getting warm

Gone, long gone
Too many bills left to pay
If itís all right with you I'll just leave em here
Adventureís calling and I'm on my way
I'm not as think as you drunk I might be
May not have much but at least its still free
Life isnít tied to a predestined form
The glass is half full and I'm just getting warm

Here, I'm still here
Taking my own sweet time
As long as the adventure continues
Along this uphill climb
I'm not as think as I drunk I might be
Still don't have much but I'm still free
Life isnít tied to a predestined form
The glass is half full and I'm just getting warm

© 2006/2009 Doug Barnett


My old girlfriendís in the kitchen
Sheís there waiting patiently
Iím on the couch with my new girl
Weíre working on a melody
I got a girl in the bedroom
In case I stay up late
One more in the back seat of my car
Because we have a date

With all these girls in my life
I never stray too far
Each one is beautiful and shapely
Each one is a six-string guitar

They never fight with each other
Donít need to share my last name
They donít mind when I bring home another
I have never heard them complain
When I want to make sweet music
Any old time night or day
They wait to feel my hands around them
They never turn me away

This girl here needs little maintenance
Just a change of clothes now and then
A set of strings and a dust cloth
And sheís ready to go again
Donít care for diamonds or sports cars
And she doesnít ever nag at me
If I donít lend her out or sell her
Thatís the way it always will be

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Layoff blues

Got my warning notice
Sixty days to go
How am I gonna pay the rent
Lord I do not know

I got the blues, the Boeing layoff blues
I used to have it all but now I ain't got nothing to lose

Too young to retire
Too old to start again
My relatives disowned me
So did all my friends

Offered me another job
That's all I'm alowed to say
More than twice the work
Less than half the pay

I'll move to Carolina
That's the place for me
Get my old job back
Cause that's where it'll be

© 2010 By Doug Barnett

Extra verse:
I watched all of the managers
Change jobs seven times
To try and save thier own necks
And cover up some crimes

Alternate ending:
I'll move to China
That's the place for me
Get my old job back
Cause that's where it'll be

Come Away

When you smile it brightens up the place
And shines upon your face so well
I know when you look at me
I don't know what you see at all
Christina come away with me
I don't know where you want to be
We might find it together you see
Christina come away with me

When you laugh it's music to my ears
You banish all my fears away
Maybe we could sit a while and talk
Or we could take a walk outside
Christina come away with me
We might sail off to sea
I'm praying that you'll agree
Christina come away with me

When the evening is over
And we've said goodnight
Your smile I will remember
A beautiful sight

When you're near passion fills my heart
Maybe we can start right there
I don't know what tomorrow will bring
I just have to sing right now
Christina come away with me
I know there's no guarantee
But you make my soul feel free
Christina come away with me

© 2010 By Doug Barnett

Harley Girl

If you'll be my Harley girl I can be your man
Not just a party girl, I think I have a plan
We can ride away somewhere
Summer breezes in the mountain air
If you'll be my Harley girl I can be your man

If you'll be my only one I can be yours too
Tell all those other guys their time is through
We can ride anywhere you want
From San Diego up to Vermont
If you'll be my only one I can be yours too

We can ride away right now
Into the setting sun
Begin each day a different way
Just start having fun
And if one day we settle down
On a quiet little street
Weekends free to ride away
Upon a cushioned seat

If you'll be my Harley girl I can be your man
But if you'd rather ride alone I understand
I can wait around each day
For you to travel back my way
Then you'll be my Harley girl and I'll be your man

© 2009 By Doug Barnett


A one track mind that jumped the rails
And headed straight at me
You know when this thing fails
She just wonít see
Deer in the headlight of a westbound train
My eyes are wide with fear
She wants a piece of my heart and mind
She wants it here and now

Sheís fixated
Time to stop this game
All the talk in the world wonít change
Where sheíll place the blame
Sheís fixated
With both the blinders on
When she wakes up tomorrow
I will be gone

Itís focused concentration
But I have my doubt
With all of that filtration
Thereís too much she leaves out
The dance is slow today
And sheís not quite sure
I have nothing left to say
And she just wants more

Now its time to leave here
And start another tale
But she wonít see that way clear
She can never fail
I really do love her
And she may never know
I just couldnít play another
Actor in her show

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

"Just a Shadow" 2010

Itís just a shadow of who I used to be
A graying photograph that doesnít look like me
Fading memory is not all it seems
But they might still be alive in my dreams

Itís just a shadow a feeling gone away
Fleeting arrow pierces through the day
Crimson teenage pain waits for the chance
Sweep away the years, old lovers start to dance

Itís just a shadow a place no longer there
A painted window lets in summer air
Barely visible to the naked eye
The past is here to watch and maybe tell us why

Itís just a shadow of where this road could be
As sandy footprints go on beside the sea
Sunset glows upon the seeds that youíve sown
The shadows lengthen into roads of their own

It's just a shadow that wanders into view
A faint reminder of what we all can do
And in the distance I can plainly see
Shadows dancing there for you and me

Itís just a shadow that falls across your way
A single moment with nothing to say
But when the circle turns back around the ends
Captured for eternity the shadow of your friends

© 2006/2009 Doug Barnett

Another Christmas here

Itís seventeen degrees out side
The ground is frozen hard
Cars are skating on the street again
Thereís frost out in the yard
Standing here on the front porch step
Breathing in the cold
Tracks of ice upon my cheeks
Iím starting to feel old

Iíll be here on Christmas eve
Iíll be here on Christmas day
Me, the dog and the television
Only one of us has anything to say
Iíll pray that everyone is safe
Iíll pray that everyone is full and warm
Iíll pray that Santa comes to visit me
And leaves you in my arms

Remembering a snow filled day
Bundled up with you
Is spilling out of my memory
Onto the frozen morning dew
Wrapping presents in the living room
Beneath a midnight Christmas star
Dreaming now I close my eyes
And wonder where you are

Winter breeze is sharp and cold
It cuts into my head
Brittle trees against the morning sky
The limbs are bare and dead
But roots go deep into the ground
Springís not that far away
I guess Iíll just go back inside
And wait for one more day

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Simple life

Are you a connoisseur of costume jewelry
Do you know a good boxed wine
If you like the store brand chili
Girl I want to make you mine
If you're into western music
If you love a good draft beer
If you love year round Christmas lights
Girl I'll take you out of here

Because I live a simple life
Everything is in its place
I could use a simple wife
And I kinda like your face

If you're thinking flannel's sexy
And don't mind big old dogs
I'll take you out one early morning
And dress you up in camouflage
If you like a great big family
Call your parents ma and pa
We can move to southeast Texas
Or in the hills of Arkansas

Because I live a simple life
Don't have much but its ok
I could use a simple wife
Don't you have anything to say

I think you could be the woman
To hold my hand as we grow old
I know love can last forever
At least thats what I've been told
It seems that I have left you speechless
And thinking you might want to go
Honey you just blink your eyes
Twice for yes and once for no

Because I live a simple life
It's the only one I know
I could use a simple wife
So honey please don't go...

© 2010 By Doug Barnett

A bipolar exit interview

All the happy butter flys scatter in the breeze
Flowers blossom freshly scented gather at your knees
All the fluffy bunnies cuddle soft and warm
Kittens playfull pawing cradled in your arms

Its not a layoff you're not fired
Your employment just expired
You'll never know how bad we grieve
Turn in your badge before you leave

Puppies falling over tumbled ball of fur
Smiling children morning sun happiness ensured
Bluest sky gentle cloud drifting slowly past
Thoughts escape relaxing mind this day could be your last

We just wanted you to know
Clean out your desk before you go
You can stay at home now and have fun
We're hoping that you dont own a gun

Frosted ice cream sundae now it waits for you
Like a crystal sunrise in the morning dew
Time with friends and family love fills the air
Dancing in the moonlight throw away your care

Life is an adventure this we know
You should be free to live and grow
You took vacation just last may
So we're shorting you three days of severance pay

Happy happy smiling smiling listen to my voice
Putting best foot forward you know you have a choice
Nothing but the best for you is our hope today
Please keep a positive attitude as you go away

We know that you will be ok
With the unemployment we will pay
Leaving here right now you shouldnt mind
We're really going to screw those left behind

© 2010 By Doug Barnett


He's a...
Hard drinkin gun totin Jesus loving ex marine
Harley riding beer bellied brewmaster drama queen
Beef eating spud loving jack drinking selfish jerk
He can't do self help its too much work

He was born in Absentia, Texas
A most annoying lad
Mother never liked him
He wasnt sure about his dad
So he learned to ride a harley
When he was six years old
And as soon he could read the street signs
He up and hit the road

Semper fi at sixteen
He was out at twenty-four
Wanted to stay longer
But they couldn't take no more
Found Jesus down in Lynchburg
And worships every day
Along with beer & beans & broads
At the steak and spud buffet

Working for a brewery
He fell in love with beer
Drank them into bankruptcy
And they kicked them out of there
Jumped upon his Harley
And rode off that day
Every time he comes back
They wish he'd go away

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

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