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half full half full

Late for my own funeral

Someone told me once lifeís an adventure
I think Iím in a comedy
Keystone cops in a frantic chase
I'm laughing so hard that I canít see
Take care of your health and live forever
Take care of your friends; they'll take care of you
Take care to get eight hours sleep every day
Thatís one thing I donít have time to do

If I'm lucky I'll be late for my own funeral
Go on and start Iím too busy having fun
Thereís so much to do
I may never get through
Grab a chair and I'll be there when I'm done

Late into the office every morning
Lunch turned into dinner while I blink
Unread books are piled up and now they block the view
Of the mound of dirty dishes in the sink
Schedule is filled up for the decade
No room at the inbox for even one thing more
Circulation stopped in my legs and my behind
And my daily Dilbert says 2004

Instrumental tracks are mostly finished
Need to tweak the vocal in the middle of the song
I'll finish up the lyrics while you wait patiently
Four lines shouldnít take that long
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Grand Adventure.

California winters day, fifty years ago
Shy and sparkling eyes in mountain snow
Take the chance would you like to dance
Life entwined if you've got the time
Come with me on this grand adventure
Where we'll end up I donít know
But if you come on this grand adventure
Youíll reap the love that you sow

In the Arizona desert two young children born
Raised in the sand and heat, between cactus thorns
Another chance, welcome to the dance
Family, is more than you and me
Come along on this grand adventure
Where you'll end up we donít know
But if you come on this grand adventure
Youíll reap the love that you sow

Years go flashing by extending family
Wives and mothers gather grandkids at your knee
Taken chance, long and lovely dance
Life entwined, seems we still have time
Itís been grand on this adventure
How we got here I donít know
Come along on this grand adventure
Youíll reap the love that you sow

© 2006 Doug Barnett

Glimpse of Americana.

On a pleasant day trip to the woods
As sunshine over flowed
We passed some children waving
From a tractor near the road
Waving back I know it brought
A smile to my face
Felt like stopping then and there
Just to mark the place

A glimpse of Americana,
A shadow from the past
As if to say this country has
Come back home at last
The things we share together
Despite the worlds call
The hope and dreams of peace,
And freedom for us all

Perhaps the kids imagined where
All those cars had been
Oregon to eastern Maine
And driving home again
We rolled along through forest green
Amid flashes of blue skies
With summersí smiling children
Burned into my eyes

Last bits of golden light
Touching on green leaves
Company of my good friends
Was the gift I had received
Now and then the scent of hay
And clover fills the air
Takes me to that distant farm
And children waving there
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Voice of Angels.

Standing by myself in this room
With everything I own
It somehow loses importance
Waiting by the phone
I hear the voice of angels
Whisper soft and low
There are certain mysteries
I can never know

My life has changed in wondrous ways
Blessed beyond my dreams
Sometimes the gifts youíre given
Are not quite what they seem
I hear the voice of angels
High above the trees
Telling me that life is more
Than birds and bees

When my heart is gone from me
Love runs silent and deep
Sometimes what you hold so dear
Is not what you keep
I hear the voice of angels
Singing from the sky
I donít know where this path will lead
But I do know why

© 2006 Doug Barnett

Half full and getting warm

Cold, you're so cold Ė
Thatís what she said to me
Youíll never find what you're looking for
So far away from where you should be

I'm not as think as you drunk I might be
May not have much but at least its free
Life isnít tied to a predestined form
The glass is half full and I'm just getting warm

Old, you're old Ė
To old to make it in this town
I donít mind if its sink or swim
I'm not afraid to drown

Gone, long gone Ė
Too many bills left to pay
If itís all right with you I'll just leave em here
Adventureís calling and I'm on my way
© 2006 Doug Barnett

What a mans gotta do.

I'm working seven days this week
Ox in the ditch
Hurricane sticks
Itís not the heat its humidity
Only son joined the marines
Didnít say goodbye
No tearing eye
Went to meet a new family

Mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do
To make a mark in the free world
Be hard as nails, dry as dust
Straight and narrow starts to curl
Mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do
Keep his loved ones from harm
Behind the dollar and the bills
Someoneís got to work the farm

Jenny died three years ago
Miles away
A cloudless day
But harvest waits for no one here
Sunday visits fewer now
The pain is dull
A glass half full
Sip the slowly warming beer

Seems I'm losing track of time
Days are the same
Burned into my brain
And the nights are worse
If I died here in the field
No one would know
Finish one more row
This old tractor for a hearse
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Transubstantiation blues.

Went to church on Sunday happy as can be
Humble pious Christian that would be me
Bow my head in reverence in the front row pew
Pastor gives communion and as I start to chew

I got a little piece of Jesus stuck between my teeth
Now I can only speak the truth
God is always with me everywhere I go
With my savior wrapped around my tooth

I tried to wash it down when the wine was poured
The sacred holy drink that comes from our lord
Elder tripped and spilled Christís blood on my shirt
Now the congregation thinks that Iíve been hurt

Found out a rosary doesnít work as floss
Tried to find a toothpick made from the true cross
Brushing my teeth might just defile the host
I think I need a Heimlich from the Holy Ghost

© 2006 Doug Barnett

Ben & Kristen cause a ruckus.

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Running down the street
Smiles on their faces
No shoes on their feet

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Mama right behind
She might try and stop them
But theyíre too hard to find

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Running through the yard
Daddies trying to catch them
It seems a little hard

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Gonna start a ruckus now
You may try to stop them
You just wont know how

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Walking down the street
Running all day long
Man do they look beat

Here comes Ben and Kristen
Its time for beddy bye
Recharge all their batteries
Tomorrow they're gonna fly
© 2006 Doug Barnett

My Television

If I listen to my television
I need to worry about my prostate health
I need a car the size of my first apartment
Somehow I should be growing wealth
Thereís so many things I should ask my doctor
Cholesterol, liver damage, menopause and sleep
I got a fourteen-page list in my back pocket
Never mind I think that it can keep

I need to go outside
Maybe go for a ride
See how the other half lives
Itís fine with me
If I lose my TV
It takes away more than it gives

If I listen to my television
Every single illness that a man can get
Leads to some sort of erectile dysfunction
I havenít got those illnesses yet
I think my credit score is in single digits
I canít refinance what I havenít got
Maybe them girls gone wild will stop by for a visit
Well, then again probably not

If I listen to my television
A thousand weekend hours might be a ball
Bundle my phone with TV and computer
So when they disconnect theyíre takin em all
I could play guitar for the folks in the park
Or read a good book under a tree
No infomercials or slick product placements
Do what I want as long as itís free
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Just a shadow.

Itís just a shadow of who I used to be
A graying photograph that doesnít look like me
Fading memory is not all it seems
But they might still be alive in my dreams

Itís just a shadow a feeling gone away
Fleeting arrow pierces through the day
Crimson teenage pain waits for the chance
Sweep away the years, old lovers start to dance

Itís just a shadow a place no longer there
A painted window lets in summer air
Barely visible to the naked eye
The past is here to watch and maybe tell us why

Itís just a shadow of where this road could be
As sandy footprints go on beside the sea
Sunset glows upon the seeds that youíve sown
The shadows lengthen into roads of their own

Itís just a shadow that falls across your way
A single moment with nothing to say
But when the circle turns back around the ends
Captured for eternity the shadow of your friends
© 2006 Doug Barnett

What were you expecting?.

The politician opened up his mouth
And lied to everyone who chanced to hear
Talked of good and evil and things that he could do
Filled the crowd with thoughts of patriotic fear
These lies got him elected
Brought him power wealth and fame
His conscience did not bother him because he knew the truth
Every politician is the same

What were you expecting?
Honesty from someone paid to lie
As long as he keeps truth to himself
He never has to answer questions why

The boy watched his father die in prison
His mother overdosed on Christmas Eve
At minimum wage and a 14 hour day
If you donít like it you canít leave
Gangstas trading gold for life in baggies
Pain and death is just a way to live
No better country to escape to if he could
An empty heart has nothing left to give

What were you expecting?
A servant bowing happy at your knee
Charity is not the same as pity
Conscience money doesnít come for free

The man said lord please forgive me
For atrocities against the human race
I have fallen so far away from you
I canít look in the mirror at my face
Compounding the sins of my fathers
Allowing evil voices to be heard
So many others are more worthy than I
God forgave him as he said the word

What were you expecting?
Everyone is loved no matter how he lives
The closest ones are the blessed
But the further away the more he gives
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Off Shore

Monday morning meeting I straggle in late
Look to see the workload but thereís an empty plate
Boss has announcements a decision by the board
I'm really sorry people you're jobs been off shored

(And so Iím)
Heading down to Shreveport
Hauling it in
Sleep in the sunshine
Ride on the wind
May not get rich
But I'll never get bored
Now that my life
Is just off shore

Boss is thinking about some body armor now
Hoping to keep the peace but not knowing how
Crying shouts of anger from everyone but me
Itís not the end of life it just means I'm free

Wonder why I'm smiling, I'm already out to sea
If they shout and throw things that donít bother me
I got enough in savings to buy me a fishing boat
Whatever donít fit inside will either sink or float
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Fresh coat of paint.

Brand new show on channel nine
Recommended by a friend of mine
Seems I saw this one before
Andy Griffith back in 64
High def didnít help it out
Naked women danced about
Turned the channel back to three
Watched black and white and Ernest T

Fresh coat of paint on the same old shack
New set of tires on a rusted wreck
Iíve got better things to do
Than stand here and paint with you

Interrupting lunch one day
Politician had something to say
Iíd heard his line before
Lower taxes and help the poor
His opponent was an evil man
Needed help in his righteous plan
He could fix this mighty nation
If I'd hand him a big donation

Fresh coat of paint on the same old shack
New set of tires on a rusted wreck
Iíve got better things to do
Than stand here and paint with you

Saw the ex at a downtown bar
Talk about her brand new car
Liposuction with a tuck and nip
Grand Bahamas on a two-week trip
Found herself a younger man
With blond hair and a golden tan
Invited me to stop by some time
Cause all that stuff was on my dime

But thatís a fresh coat of paint on the same old shack
New set of tires on a rusted wreck
Stop yakking I've heard it before
Talk to my back cause I'm out the door

© 2006 Doug Barnett

Best friend

She could sing the phone book, it would still sound sweet
Sheís the only woman to sweep me off my feet
I call her angel, sheís my saving grace
I can see heaven in her face

I am her, she is me, we are one
Man and wife, bound for life, in the sun
And if one day the world should end
Youíll find me here with my best friend

When I least expect it he can make me smile
If I canít go on heíll carry me a while
I call him angel, heís my saving grace
I can see heaven in his face

I am him, he is me, we are one
Wife and man, hand in hand in the sun
And if one day the world should end
Youíll find me here with my best friend

As love grows older through the years
Sharing the world of happiness and tears
You are my angel, my saving grace
I see heaven in your face

I am you, you are me, we are one
From this day we stand together in the sun
If one day the world should end
Iíll be with you my best friend
© 2006 Doug Barnett

A life reflected.
Noticing the blood shot eyes looking back at me
Early Sunday morning, not where he thought he'd be
Staring at this old mans slowly graying beard
Is he where he always wanted or where he always feared

It's a life reflected in the bathroom mirror
All the hopes and dreams standing naked here
Just a life reflected just another day
Struggle with the questions try and find the way

Watching all the cars go by driving in reverse
Standing still or moving back, don't know which is worse
People walk into themselves then disappear from view
One more step to join them, not sure what to do

It's a life reflected in a window pane
A glimpse of someone else's world walking down the lane
Just a life reflected, just another day
Answering the questions, looking for the way

I can see my fingers pulling on the string
Musical reflection push heart and soul to sing
A little piece of heaven drifting in the air
May not see the face of God, yet he's always there

It's a life reflected in this old guitar
With the help of angels I couldn't get this far
Just a life reflected in one more joyous day
Answering the questions following the way
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Silence is golden.

Bitter sweet memories of Spanish guitar
Dreams of you wishing on a star
Then the silence falls once more
Golden coins on a velvet floor

If silence is golden
Iím the richest man alive
I could own everything in the world
Without you I donít know how Iíll survive

Gold on the table and under the chairs
Piled in the hallway, blocking the stairs
Heaped by the door so Iíll throw it away
It keeps getting deeper the longer I stay

Gold stacked here in a pile by the bed
I could use some inside my head
Each minute more time passes through
As I wait in golden silence for you
© 2006 Doug Barnett

All in this together.

Pterodactyls nested in, the rafters overhead
Thatís what I heard, but itís not what he said
Maybe you could write, a song about me
We might have a chance, at immortality

And weíre all in this together
No matter what you think
Many times we crossed the lines
And stepped back from the brink
Iíd rather be a thousand times
A victim of their greed
Than let someone go hungry
In their time of need

We never really talked, but I know you just as well
As anybody can these days, inside this human shell
Seems when I get close, life takes up the slack
We could still be pen pals, if youíd just write me back
© 2006 Doug Barnett

Moving furniture

Fingers feel the edges where eyes cannot see
Slowly round the corners to where they need to be
Gloved knuckles bending and testing for a fit
Perhaps it's to the left and down a little bit
Leaning back and eyeing the narrow hall and door
Looking round for unseen dangers laying on the floor
Turn to the table and a drink of something cool
Take your time, be careful no need to play the fool

One deep breath and muscle moves in harmony with wood
Clutching solid pine and cloth the feel is smooth and good
Slowly toes begin to flex then calves and thigh and back
Arms extended hugging tightly taking in the slack
Muscles pushed to their extreme and agonizing limit
Push the body soul and mind and everything within it
Free from earth, from gravity we break the surly bond
Standing straight with prowess big fish in tiny pond

Slowly one foot raised and moved inches gliding by
A smile perhaps, a corner mouth as if to show how sly
Left foot follows right foot, a dance that's slow and plain
Then something else, a stop, a thought, a little twinge of pain?
Small of back announces "I quit" right then and there
Leaving all the rest to keep the cloth and wood in air
As the posture changes the legs and arms rebel
The lungs release a single word a grunt that sounds like "hell"

Forward motion to the door angle to the side
Wood and cloth frame and floor an unsuspecting bride
Muscles weak and trembling strain to do the job
But house divided cannot stand the lungs release a sob
Worlds collide and come to rest art Nuevo in transit
Things like this just happen no one ever plans it
Crawling to the cool drink haven legs go cold and numb
To lift a 6 foot couch alone was really kind of dumb
© 2006 Doug Barnett

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