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Happy Hour Happy Hour

Happy Hour.

Sparkling in evening shower
Join me here its happy hour
Leave the day in whisky sour
Come on down to happy hour

With all your friends
And some you don't know
Just for a while in
The sunsets glow

Run away from your lonely tower
Love expands at happy hour
Bitter drinks your soul empower
They are here at happy hour

I will be there
Waiting for you
Watching the door
Youíll be walking through

Thereíll be food we can devour
I'll look for you at happy hour
Save the day you have the power
Find me here at happy hour

With all our friends
Here we can stay
See you tomorrow
If not today

Time is short wilting flower
Now itís over happy hour
Future moments will be ours
There are many happy hours

© 2009 By Doug Barnett


Shayla - Shayla - Shayla wont you bring me a beer

Shayla wont you bring me a beer
Make sure it's nice and cold and leave it here
I don't really need it but what can I say
I just love to see you walk away

Shayla wont you bring me a beer
In that outfit silky and sheer
You know that smile can knock me dead
Tanned and slim with the pigtails red

Shayla wont you bring me a beer
Trust me you have nothing to fear
School girl, bikini or referee
You don't know what you do to me

Shayla wont you buy me a beer
I have some money its just not here
Iíll pay you tomorrow its OK
Just like yesterday

Shayla wont you bring me a beer
And a bacon cheeseburger youíre such a dear
I appreciate all that you do
And I love that corsage tattoo

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Bottle Rocket.

Running out on Friday night
Down to Katie J's
Looking for a basket catch
Sorta like Willie Mays
You stroll in all warm and smooth
My eyes pop the socket
You're all the fire that I need
To light this bottle rocket

I'm a bottle rocket in an old tin can
I know I just can't lose
Better watch your fingers girl
When you try and light my fuse
Running off in all directions
Explosions in the dark
Don't need much to get me moving
It only takes a spark

Tell me what you want from me
And I'll tell you what I'll do
Build a fire on common ground
I think you know its true
Keep those family pictures hidden
In that golden locket
Cause all we need is you and me
To light this bottle rocket

Time is running out on us
It's almost the last call
I told you exactly how I feel
And you didn't speak at all
The judge is in but the jury's out
And I'm standing in the docket
So honey bring your matches here
And we'll light this bottle rocket

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Ugly Girl

She was an ugly girl,
She was an ugly girl
She was an ugly girl but she's a beautiful woman now

Buck teeth and glasses
I don't mean to be cruel
Now she's the kind of woman that makes you drool

Face like pizza
Hair looked like weeds
Now she's so hot it makes your eyes start to bleed

Pigeon toed and knock kneed
Smell like underwear
Now she glides right by you with roses in the air

Looked just like her father
Moustache and all
Now she looks like Venus and you can't help but fall

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Edge of Summer.

Won't you come and join me here at the edge of summer
There is just a little time here at the edge of summer
Still some sun to worship -
Another barbecue
I would love to spend it here with you

We can have anything here at the edge of summer
You can dance while I sing here at the edge of summer
One more softball game
Before the leaves can turn
The last coals of summer start to burn

Tomorrow when the cold wind blows
Tells us that its time to go
But for now we can stay
And have a bit more time to play

Another week labor day and then the end of summer
Don't you go stick around and enjoy the edge of summer
When autumn starts to blow
And through the winter snow
The warmth of summer memories still glow

Party on at least today here at the edge of summer
We don't have to stop it yet here at the edge of summer
Time for one more romance
Before the seasons through
I would love to have that here with you

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Smoking Section.

Outside in the smoking section under the yellow light
The crowd shares the atmosphere on this silent night
Look through the window at those inside
Perhaps a smoke can turn the tide

Outside in the smoking section the sun is bearing down
Bake the weak and addicted into the asphalt ground
Sunburn scalp and squinting eye
Won't take long for eggs to fry

Outside in the smoking section leaves blow round the chill
A single figure hopes for calm but it never will
Match goes out no chance to light
May as well give up the fight

Outside in the smoking section snow begins to fall
Three strangers huddle closer to the wall
Just a moment if you please
Brain goes numb and fingers freeze

Outside in the smoking section rain in puddles grow
Will the water never end no one can really know
Rum and coke with weakened power
From all of this April shower

Outside in the smoking section its beautiful today
The birds in the springtime breeze please let it stay
Friendly faces and barbecue
Its not heaven but it will do

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Tequila in the jar.

As I was a going over the old mohave desert,
Dressed in faded levis and a jimmy buffet tshirt
I drew me pocket change out and then I drew me wallet,
Sayin' dos cervesas senor or what ever it tis ya call it

Well shirigim duraham da
Wack fall the daddy oh, wack fall the daddy oh
Tequilas in the jar.

I counted out my pesos and then drank margaritas,
Stumbling home at dawn to some lovely senoritas
They swore at me in spanish and then called me gringo
I mumbled an apology and they then ran off to bingo

I went into me casa with my brain all pickled rotten
To dream of real tequila with the worm thats at the bottom.
The women took me charge cards and maxed em to the limit
Emptied out the bank account and everything within it.

Next morning came too early headache spikes and valleys
There came a repossesser and likewise Federalles
I goes to draw me wallet and get ready for the slaughter
but we came to an agreement over cuervo gold and water.

I only got a warnin cause they thought that I was loco
me brother picked me up so we could head for acapulco
Together we'd go drinkin out in puerto penasco
Sober up each mornin drinking beer with some tabasco.

There's some takes delight in the moutain dew and lightnin,
Some delight in smoothies which I find a little frightnin
But I takes delight in the juice of the agave,
Courting senoritas in the desert called mohave

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Too Much Information.

I'm not listening to a single word you say
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
But you keep on talking to me any way
La la la la la la la la la la la la...

La la la la la la la la la la la la...
I think I need a nap
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
But you wont shut your trap

Too much information will just clutter up my brain
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
If you don't stop soon I'll be going insane
La la la la la la la la la la la la...

La la la la la la la la la la la la...
This is not a thrill
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
I may have to kill

Silence is golden I hope you understand
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
This conversation will be shorter than you planned
La la la la la la la la la la la la...

La la la la la la la la la la la la...
I think it's time to quit
La la la la la la la la la la la la...
Ok, that's it

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Try Again.

I spoke too soon, and the conversation ended
Iíd said all that I could say
Funny thing, but it only took a minute
She just smiled and looked away

But you know thatís how these things go
Sometimes you lose sometimes you win
Just a chance at a barroom dance
Sometimes you take it on the chin
But tomorrow night Iíll try again

I stayed too long and the evening was over
And there was nothing left to do
So I lied to her, and she lied back
She had fun and I did too

I took too long and she just disappeared
Back in the shadows by the door
I tried to speak but nothing happened
My time was over, nothing more

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

Well Drink.

We can discuss our problems honey
We can talk about your needs
And all the things Iíve never done
Or the way your heart bleeds
Locked in conversation here
Stranded in plain sight
All we need is a little help
To make these things alright

Where thereís a well drink thereís a way
I can listen to anything you have to say
A little inspiration
In a common manís libation
Where thereís a well drink thereís a way

I didnít mean to start an argument
About left wing politics of reason
Should have just kept my mouth shut
Instead of accusing you of treason
But donít you get up on your dander
I donít think youíre such a nut
Sit back on that bar stool buddy
And let me tell you what

Six hundred billion dollars
Just to bail the buzzards out
Whether the vault doors would be open
Was never in much doubt
Five million here ten million there
Whatís a working man to think?
I wish with all that damn money
They could spare a three-dollar drink

© 2009 By Doug Barnett


Alcohol in the air
Smells like perfume of despair
Canít think at all

Drinking whisky on a dare
Bad decision I'm aware
I hear the call

An enticing love affair
I know I havenít got a prayer
I start to fall

The bottles are now bare
And somehow I donít care
I've hit the wall

Try to make it up the stair
Balance fails, start to swear
Now I must crawl

Morning light starts to glare
Still sitting in my chair
I can't recall

Damage done is so unfair
Family gone away somewhere
It makes you small

So much of life I cant repair
And I ask you to beware
Donít touch at all

© 2009 By Doug Barnett


Running down this dead end street
Just as fast as I can
This temptation is hard to beat
And Iím just a man
Itís a party but not to me
Its another lie
In the blistering summer heat
Just a way to die

So I remember the winter
A day we spent in the snow
Love we just wandered into
Where did it go?
Did I lie or offend you
Was it something I said?
Time is slowly deceiving me
As the light turns red

Chasing dreams that never end
Somewhere inside of me
I could really use a friend
But that is not to be
I run alone on this downhill grade
Quickly gaining speed
Past the final signpost
This should be all I need

There might be time to think again
About my forward course
If Iím wrong about this then
Itís a different colored horse
Stop the train Iím leaving now
An alcohol soaked gun
Setting down this tepid beer
I think Iím finally done

© 2009 By Doug Barnett

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